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How to Set Up LED Screen Display Billboards

Time:2016-01-12Source: haiwell

How to Set Up LED Screen Display Billboards 

Outdoor LED signs are used for outdoor advertising purposes. They are colorful, illuminated signs mounted in conspicuous places. LED signs have lights that often flash on and off to catch people's attraction and advertise a product or service, or to deliver another type of message. 
Electronic billboards are used to convey advertisements and TV commercials to passerby. The images on display must come from some type of content source that may be a sequence of animation, broadcast-quality video or static slides. 


 Select a suitable site for your display monitors. Areas with high traffic, either human or car, are best suited for the billboards. Choose cafeterias, highways, lobbies or main building entrances to set up your signs. Such areas create the best visibility. 





 Use Light Emitting Diode (LED) or Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) video display monitors for interior advertisements. Choose monitors that are large enough to enable easy viewing when setting up a billboard outdoors. Position the screen using wall mount hardware. Place it high enough for best viewing. 





 Connect the content power source, usually a host computer, to the monitors. Billboards requiring different displays for each location will need a separate computer from the host (controlled by the software over a network). If you wish to run the same display in all locations, the host computer will directly control the advertisement via a video distribution amplifier. 




 Use standard presentation software like that produced by Apple, to control your displays. Install the software that contains the content source. This should be in the form of slides or video clips that have short, easy-to-read messages that are quickly understood. Be sure that the videos are short because you only have about eight seconds to air your advertisement. Make sure that your advertisement is attractive, so it will catch people's attention as they pass by. Use a cable and ladder to hoist yourself up the pylon and set up your billboard. 





 Because electronic billboards cost a lot more than standard billboards, be sure you have enough cash when you set yours up. Qualified technicians should set up electronic billboards. Use care when installing billboards high above the ground. 

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