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 Haiwell Advertising Industrial Co., Limited (ADHaiWell ) is the leading manufacturer of OEM and customize indoor and outdoor advertising solution products. Specialists in the manufacturing advertising services. We provide products made of the highest quality materials, offering an outstanding value for our customers worldwide.  Our main business area is to provide solutions tailored to different customer requirements in the manufacture and installation of all types of advertising media. As specialists in the service of manufacturing, installation and maintenance of advertising we care always innovating.  

Our main advertising activities:                                                                                 
1. Outdoor Billboard Structure, Front lit Billboard, Backlit Billboard, Unipole Advertising  Billboard, Column Billboard Display, LED Billboard Structure, Gantry Billboard, Space Truss Billboard
2. Scrolling Megaboard, Scrolling Light Box Billboard, Scrolling Traffic Pole, Scrolling Motion Screen, City Light Billboard, Digital Billboard, Scroller 8-18m2 Kits, Megaboard Format
3. Street Furniture, Bus Shelter, Bus Stop, Banner Stand, Street Pole Light Box
4. Mupi Light Box, City Light Box, Mall Media, Scrolling Light Box, Digital AD Box, Street Light Box, Scroller 1-6m2 Kits
5. Backlit Board, Wall Mount Backlit, Wallscape Display, Mobile Board, Airport Advertising
6. Trivision Display, Roof Top Trivision, Trivision Billboard
7. Signboard, Pylon, Road Signage, Traffic Signage,3D Letter
8. Solar Signage, Solar Solution, Solar Panel, Solar Controller, Solar Battery, Led Lighting .

Haiwell Advertising Industrial Co., Limited (Adhaiwell) is constantly producing and manufacturing of advertising systems with Germany  and European standards "German Made” and German Standard with Chinese price.  AdHaiwell cooperate with Company who New Vision Europe Ltd is famous and from Germany create more creative advertisement equipment to win the market together. We want to be your gold supplier in China.

Adhaiwell believes that the best media , advertising ,manufacture solutions are driven by specific client needs, rather than from imposing existing, defined products into every project.

We actively encourage individualization of existing products, or even the development of new advertising products and equipments, to satisfy the vision of our clients and their architectural advisors. 
The ensures that our advertising products not only function properly, but are also aesthetically pleasing, and integrate tastefully into your architectural or urban environment.


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